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hey_scenekid's Journal

7th Heaven Junkie
23 July
It's the story of my life.

Trying to live a better life
Fake friends all around me.

I'm the girl with the broken smile. I tend to be really shy until you get to know me. I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints & have been since 02.26.06. My Scriptures go everywhere with me. Only I label myself. I believe in love at first site, fate, miracles, and magic.I believe in re-incarnation.My friends mean everything to me. I have a daughter.My digital camera is my best friend. Caesar salad owns my heart. I love Tim Horton's Butter Caramel Smoothee with whipped cream on top. Tim McGraw is my favorite person ever. I can be sarcastic, witty & mean.I'm not very picky.I'm tall. I like piercings. I'm in love. I'm allergic to bees.When I fall in love,I fall hard.I love concerts.I'm still looking for my special someone. I'm single && hating it.I love the sunsets. I love Disney movies.Pugs & Chiuahuah's are too cute for me to handle. Reba McEntire is the most beautiful woman in the world. I'm a dork. Singing is my life.My favorite scent in the world is movies. 7th Heaven owns my heart. I love football & hockey. I can cook. I will befriend almost anyone. Once you have my trust,you have to keep it, when you lose it, you have to work to get it back. I'm in love with Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down.If I could be anything,I'd be a care bear. One day, I will have an army of Chiuahuah's, Pugs & Jack Russell's. The heat bugs me but I love warm,sunny states. I like older men [ie.19-37].I'm funny. The one thing that pisses me off more than anything, is that they ended 7th Heaven just when it got good.

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